Sunday, November 15, 2009

I don't know what came over me...

But I decided a few weeks ago that I would run a 10k. Yeah. The girl who doesn't like running, hates it really, has decided to run a 10k. Like I said, I don't know what came over me and why I decided, "Hey, 6.2 miles would be AWESOME to run!"

It started on the ride to Neocon. Juli brought up some Jingle All the Way 10K, taking place Dec 13th in DC. Actually, when she brought it up, she did NOT mention the 10k part... she thought it was 5k. "Hmm... I could run 3 miles," I thought to myself. Again, I do not know what came over me. I have NEVER in my life heard about a race and actually thought about even attempting to run. Normally, I make a face and say, "I hate running." But this time it was different.

So I look into this race, and find out it is in fact a 10k, not a 5k. I've just doubled my mileage. I mean, 6.2 mi is a lot! I would be running OVER AN HOUR! In the time I could watch a Gilmore Girls episode, I would be running instead. Why would I even want to do that? But for some reason, I wanted to.

I don't know if it's because I've always had a hatred for running, but really no reason to dislike it so much. I've never really ran... I mean come on, softball doesn't count. I usually only run 60 feet, so the thought of running 6.2 mi has never ever crossed my mind of somethingI would want to do. But I'm doing it.

I started training 2 weeks ago. My first run was 1.5 mi; today I ran 5.5 mi. Yeah... 5.5! I couldn't believe it. Maybe it's because I thought my circuit was .75 mi when in fact is was .9 mi, but who cares. Maybe I really CAN do this 10k thing. It has helped that my friend Andrea is training for a marathon, so I've been able to train with her. Running with a partner is way better than running alone.

I think I can get one more run in this week before taking a probable week-long break while in Seattle. Then only a few more weeks until go time. Wish me luck!