Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My weakness... 6 in 15

If you know me at all, you know my weakness is concerts. I've always been a concert-lover, but until I met Bruno, I never had anyone to go with me. So I'd average maybe 2-3 concerts a year. But when I met Bruno, well that all changed. Since he's a lover of concerts as well, and we share similar music tastes, my average per year got bumped up to 20-22! And I LOVE it!

It's our weakness... we will buy tickets when we have no money. We can't help it. We just get so involved in the music and hate missing our favorite artists. We will see them 2-3 times in a year, if we're lucky enough to have them tour that often. Our wedding was focused on our love of music - from the table names, placecards and ever favors.

So this is the background that leads me to this post - 6 in 15 days. I recently went to my 6th concert in 15 days... and even for me, that's a lot! Here's the list of the shows...

New Kids on the Block
Taylor Swift
No Doubt
The Fray
Plain White T's

You know what I love about this list? I love that all the music is SO different. Yes, I'm a teeny-bopper at heart but when it comes down to it, I really love music and will try almost anything when it comes to it. I will go to concerts having never heard the artist before (the Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3 years ago) and concerts where I know EVERY SINGLE SONG (Panic at the Disco).

The atmospheres and crowds of these 6 shows was so different from each other... it was just great. I can't say much more about, aside from that I loved them all... I went to the shows with different groups of people... and had a great time at every single one of them.

I don't think I can ever give this up. I want to say I'm around 10 or so for the year... so I may be behind schedule. But it catches up and I'm sure I'll make it over the 20 mark. Next up - Eric Hutchinson and Jason Mraz. I saw Eric at the beginning of May at the 930 Club. Now he'll be performing at Merriweather. A different kind of venue - not nearly as intimate. The largest venue I've seen Jason Mraz at is Constitution Hall. So it will be a different feel, especially sitting on the lawn (pavilion seats are sold out!) but nonetheless, I can't say no.

Anything you can't live without??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ok, I'm a slacker

So it's been about a month and I PROMISED to write about the wedding day... but honestly, most of you have already heard about it. It was a WONDERFUL day - PERFECT! And I couldn't be happier!

Our honeymoon was FANTASTIC and I think it worked out perfectly with the balance of being busy and relaxing. All the pictures from it are on Picasa, and on our Facebook.

So now that we're back to regular life, I've had more questions about, "Do you feel different?" Even Bruno asked me. And honestly, well, I kinda do and I kinda don't. I'm thinking since we've already been living together, sharing expenses and a bank account, well, being married so far is like not being married. But I am happier... I really am. Sometimes I just sit back and think about how lucky I am to have found such an amazing guy, who loves me SO much, and takes care of me... he's just awesome and I love him SO much!!!

Ok, mushy-stuff done...

Maybe the "I feel different" will take affect when I go through all the name change stuff. I've started the process... but it's a long one. And with a lot of other stuff going on right now, changing my name immediately isn't the best thing. So I'm pretty certain when I really have to refer to myself as Molly de Lima-Campos... and become that new person, then I will feel different. Right now, honestly, I just feel old! Even though I'm still 28, as I was before we got married, I feel old when saying, "I'm waiting for my husband." I'm very proud to say it, and love it and embrace it, but when I say that to people I don't know, I just feel old. Has anyone else felt that way?

I also thought that I would miss the planning, but I don't. I like coming home and not having to worry about it. Of course I still ready the WeddingBee blog 15 times a day, but I don't miss the planning. I was super happy with the wedding, and would only change minor things... (like printing a little neater on the placecards) but it wa perfect. Everyone had a fantastic time and we honestly had the greatest exit ever! I can't wait to see the video.

But that's where we are. Back to the regular day to day, but working towards becoming Mrs. de Lima-Campos. I'm excited for my new "identity" but a little sad too. But I love seeing "Molly and Bruno de Lima-Campos" on cards :)