Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why don't they know better?

This morning, the metro was packed. The past few days it has been actually, which is weird. I mean, I had been told it's usually packed, but for the majority of my trips on the metro, I've been able to have a seat. Not lately.

Either way, so this morning I was standing in the middle of the car, trying to read the paper and hang on for dear life at the same time... always a tough feat. After about 20 mintues, a seat finally opened up and I jumped on it before giving anyone else a chance to. I mean hey, I have a long ride. I deserve a seat. Little did I know I was grabbing a seat next to the obnoxious gum chewer. You know the type... chews loudly.... with his mouth OPEN! I mean seriously, why do people think this is acceptable? Is it acceptable to eat with you mouth open? No. Chewing gum is just eating without swallowing. Seriously... keep your mouth closed.

I hate those guys.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When I grow up

I often wonder if I'll ever be a grown-up at a grown-up job. If I'll ever be able to work 8 hour without checking my personal email; without reading other people's blogs and writing my own; without shopping online.

I just can't imagine it. How do these people do it? How can they be so focused on their job that the personal things really do wait until after work?

I wonder if it's because of the age we grew up in, surrounded by computers. I don't know any of my friends that are in that grown-up job focus stage. None of them. When does it change? Does it ever change? Will I be a CEO of a company and still check Facebook 30 times a day?

Did I jinx it?

Last blog I wrote about how awesome our Fridays off were. I spent my Friday doing wedding stuff, having lunch with Bruno and basically running around crazy. But it was GREAT! I never have the time otherwise to do all the things I did. And apparently I still won't.

I found out yesterday that my company is taking away our Free Fridays. The principals seem to think that people are taking advantage of the priviledge, which really I don't see at all. I've heard the Arlington office is empty... and that's another reason they're taking it away. Well, people are on vacation and people are leaving the company, thus the reason the office is empty.

It just sucks because that was the silver lining to this job. Taking that away is not going to boost morale in any way, shape or form. A lot of people are unhappy there already, and taking away this will just push even more people away. Then, when we do get work, there won't be anyone to do it.

I just don't know........

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well despite all the craziness that has been going on in my office, there has been a silver lining amongst it all... Fridays off!! What we're doing is working 9 hour days, for 2 weeks, so then we have enough hours to have every other Friday off. It's GREAT!

And what has worked nice too is that during holiday weeks, we only work 8 hours since we have days off built in. I didn't think I'd like it, since having Fridays off are so great, but it's actually pretty sweet. It ends up being pretty exciting to leave work at 5 instead of 6.

I just have SO much to do today, that I'm so excited to have the day off. I'm going to have lunch with Bruno :), drs appt... eww... but then just odds and ends around the house.

Tomorrow morning we're going to decorate the tree, so once that's in the process, I'll post again :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I still love them...

Last night, Bruno, Lindsay, Megan and I took a ride down to the 930 Club to see The Dan Band. This is the 3rd straight year that Bruno and I have seen them perform... it's becoming quite a tradition. We were both a little unsure of how the show would be, as I think Bruno is actually getting tired of seeing the Dan Band, but goes just to appease me. And espeically after being at the 930 Club the night before to see Vampire Weekend, who were AMAZING!, we just didn't know if we would have as much fun.

Well we did... even though the Dan Band played hits that they have been playing for the past 3 yrs, I still can't get enough. The silly choreography and random stories just keep me laughing and entertained. They DID introduce a new medley - FAME! and What a Feeling. Granted it was only about 1.5 min long, I still loved it.

The night of course started off well as on our way to the club, we passed by a California Tortilla and grabbed our free taco. For those who were not aware, last night CT was giving away free tacos if you gave them a note that said "I love the Improv!" Apparently this was supposed to be a secret, as we quickly found out after the cashier gave Lindsay a hard time for speaking loudly to him, "Are you guys doing the free tacos from the Improv?" Haha. But they were yummy... and we were happy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To the dungeon...

A few weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I was cornered by 2 of my bosses as I came into the office. Of course I immediately think the worst, since cornering usually means you're in trouble. They could tell by my look that I was worried about what they were about to tell me.

"Don't worry, we're not laying you off."

"Well I would hope you wouldn't do it in the conference room!"

Instead they asked me if I wanted to move down, temporarily, to our DC office. Did I want to? No. First of all, it would mean I would be away from our awesome office in Clarendon. I'd be away from my office friends. I'd be away from free lunches and treats. I'd have to become a metro rider. I'd have to work in an office with no windows. Again, did I want to? No. Did I have to? Not reeeaaalllly, but kinda yes. Did I? Yes.

So I've been here only 6 days, and it seems to maybe get slightly better. I REALLY hope I don't have to stay here long, because I'm already missing the treats of the season, including Lindt chocolate brought in by a vendor today.

I mean, i'ts ok. Once I have my own projects to work on, it'll be better. I mean, I do have slightly more privacy, and well, oppportunity to write blogs. Ha. I can't check facebook, but at least I have email or I would REALLY be hating life.

So for now, I'm in the dungeon. At least I'm saving money on gas, right? Riiiiight....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Male Masseuse

Tonight, I decided to take advantage of Spa Week. For those of you that don't know, Spa Week is just like restaraunt week, where participating spas offer great services for just $50! Awesome! So I decided to go with the 50 minute green tea massage. Nice.

The times I have gone to have a massage before, I'm pretty certain I always had a female masseuse. Tonight however, I was to have a male masseuse. I was of course surprised as I was greeted by him in the waiting room, but didn't think twice. It's still a massage, right?

It started out good and relaxing, just chatting away about softball and whatever. Don't get me wrong, it was a great massage, but I was so self concious the whole time! I mean, all of the sudden I was worried if my legs were shaven well enough, if under my arms smelled, if my toes looked ok. I'm sure I was fine and if I wasn't, who cares? It was just different and awkward, because I knew if I had a woman, I wouldn't have cared about any of that. Well, obviously, since I didn't go and shave my legs again before going (don't get carried away, my legs weren't out of control or anything, I DID just shave Sunday evening).

He was nice, and good masseuse, and now that I have experienced a male masseuse, I should be all clear for whatever comes my way next time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

State of Shock

This morning, at work, I'm copied on an email regarding a colleague (from another company) that I have been working with since I started at Matrix. All the email said was that his son, who his wife and him recently adopted from Russia, had passed away, and that he was hospitalized. That was all we got.

Of course my coworker and I were baffled, so she called his coworker to get more details. The called coworker was very cryptic, explained that she wasn't at liberty to say anything about the email, and that was it. Ok... we were confused by her answer, and somewhat annoyed that she wouldn't tell us what happened.

The end of the day comes around, about when I'm leaving, and my coworker has a distressed look on her face.

"Ray just said he heard on the radio that a little boy was left in a car yesterday, in the heat, and died. This happened in the area where he lives..."

It couldn't be. We checked the internet and there was no information regarding the story. I lstened to the news all the way home, and nothing. As soon as I turned on the tv when I got home, there it was, confirmed. It was his little boy, who was left in the car, all day, and died. Miles, the dad, collapsed and was hospitalized after he discovered the fate of his son.

Honestly, I just can't believe it. It's very surreal. You hear these stories, but it's never about someone you ACTUALLY know, someone you interact with on a regular basis. It's unbelievable.

Miles is being charged with manslaughter. Miles is one of the nicest, most genuine people I know, and he was so unbelievably excited about this little boy.

This is going to change his life forever. It already has. His life will never be the same, neither will ours. It just is so unreal to know, that honestly, we will really never see him again. You don't recover from something like this. This just envokes feelings that I can't even describe. It's unreal, terrible, deeply saddening... it's unreal.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A distracted mind...

Yeah, so I have been a little stressed out recently, since I have yet to find my wedding dress. Granted, I have a little less then a year to go, but I'm just getting so frustrated. I've been dress shopping about 5-6 times, probably to a total of almost 10 stores. Where is it???

I found one in Warrenton that I'm pretty fond of, but I just don't have that "it" feeling. Aren't I supposed to have that "it" feeling? It just wears on me because I have friends who found their dresses so quickly... I just don't know. I don't want to settle for a dress, but honestly, I'm getting a little tired of trying on dresses. I mean, by now I know what style and shape looks best on me, it's just a matter of finding it.

Otherwise, I find myself completely distracted every now and again, thinking of things for the wedding. Favors, placecards, cake, decorations... I just really want to make sure I cover everything, and that our wedding really exemplifies us. Has the look and feeling that people can say, "This wedding is totally Molly and Bruno." (I think that's how I'm feeling about the dress too.)

My latest wedding, Linda and Steve, was just that. It was such a fantastic wedding, and everything about it said "Linda and Steve." I was definitely impressed and a little intimated. I hope ours turns out so well!

I know I know we have a lot of time, but that time goes fast. And with us still needing to figure out this whole officiant thing, and of course the dress and cake and flowers, well I'm just feeling stressed that these things won't get done in time.

I'm sure every bride goes through this, right???

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Great Purge

Yesterday Bruno and I spent had a whole day to ourselves. Originally, we were supposed to be in New York for my cousin's daughter's christening. Unfortunately, the christening time changed and the only way we could have made it in time is if we left our house by 4am. So we had the whole day to ourselves... but how quickly that changes.

About mid-week I get an email from my softball teammate, asking if I could sub in their make-up game on Saturday afternoon.

"Sure. I have the day free."

Wrong answer. He then asks, since I have the day free, if I could play in a morning/afternoon tournament with him as well. Sure, why not. But there went my free day.

However Friday I get an email from him and the tournament has been cancelled. Sweet. Now I'm free until the evening.

So Saturday comes, and I start the day trying to catch up on the softball games I have been recording since Thursday (the college world series in going on right now. I'm actually watching the 2nd game from Saturday right now, with about 7 more games to catch up on!) So after about 4 hours of watching softball and cleaning the living room, I decide it's time to tackle our guest room. For the past 3 months, since we've moved in, the guest room has been a disaster area, full of junk we just had nowhere to put. Well today was the day to conquer and envelop ourselves into The Great Purge.

We worked on that room for almost 3 hours, ending up throwing away about 8 bags of trash and junk. It was crazy! And believe me, it was not easy. I hate throwing things out, and I hated it this time. But I had to be realistic and think about how much I actually use some of this stuff. I think the hardest thing to pitch, and I still slightly regret doing it, was my Wild Diva shoes that I got in LA 2 years ago. For those of you that know my MySpace name, well that's what it's from. Bruno even told me, that since I was getting rid of the shoes, that I would have to now change my MySpace name. Well let's not get crazy here.

So that was our big purge. My evening softball games ended up being cancelled, due to the crazy rainstorms we had that afternoon. Bruno and I worked on that room until about 8pm, when we got showered and headed out to Fairfax.

The room already looks 5,000x better. Do you ever just sit and admire the work you've just done to make something look spectacular? Yeah, I just keep going into that room and staring in awe. Granted, it still has a while to go, but it's just so much better now. Nice teamwork!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our First Dance

As you may or may not know, I'm getting married next May. YAY!

So to get prepared, Bruno (the future husband) and I decided to get a headstart with our dancing shoes so we can look awesome in front of our wedding guests. We actually took a few group and private lessons last year, loved it, but just didn't have the time to continue. If you know us, you know we are usually booked every day, every night, 6 months in advance.

Last night we had our first private lesson since last year, and we were a little nervous. We had the same instructor as before, who is pretty awesome and works well with us. So we started the lesson with some box simple box steps, which came back top us like riding a bike. After a little box stepping, we were mastering spins, twirls and even a new dip. Awesome.

At the beginning of the lesson we told our instructor, Justin, that we were getting married next year. YAY! He looked a bit confused, then I informed him that I had just come from my softball game, so my ring had not returned to my finger yet. We asked that he listen to our First Dance song and let us know what dance style we should persue with it. The music started to play, Bruno started to dance, Justin listened and immediately let us know that we would use the Rhumba style for the song. Awesome, since that's what we had been refreshed on earlier in the lesson.

"Go ahead and try it with the song," he says.

Bruno puts out his arms and I set myself perfectly inside them. We count off and move into our "Slow, Quick Quick, Slow" beat. Almost immediately, before we even get through the 1st 4 beats, tears start to form in my eyes. We had never actually danced to our song before, and now, experiencing it, I couldn't help but look ahead a year and imagine us, all dolled up and looking fanastic, in front of all our friends and family, dancing as husband and wife. I can't wait :)