Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let me tell you about my morning...

The Fairfax Connector was finally running, despite the lack of plowing that has happened on only our street. The bus usually comes around 7:07 or so, and I got out to the stop around 7:04. Of course, Bruno has been awesome enough to give me a ride to the metro this week because I haven't even cleaned my car out from under the snow of the weekend and the bus hasn't been running. So when I saw that it was back in service, I decided to take it. So I wait, and wait, and wait for the bus and by 7:20 it still hasn't arrived.

"Crap," I think to myself. "It must have come early today."

So I decide I may as well walk to the metro. As soon as I turn to start walking, I look back and see the bus coming. I of course am on the opposite side of the street as the stop since that side isn't cleared at all. So I start waving my hands as the bus comes and he almost passes me by!! I can't run, since the street is still covered in ice, but I start yelling and he stops. Sheesh!

So I get to the metro and a man gets on near me and decides that he's deaf. By this I mean his headphones were so loud that I could literally hear every word of the song that he was listening to. Really? Then at the Dunn Loring stop a man sits behind me and reaks of smoke. I had to cover my nose and mouth with my scarf because I felt I would become sick because the smell was so strong.

Finlly, I get off at my stop. Kinda. As I'm exiting the train, which is a mere 3 secs after the doors open, the doors start to close on my hands. Luckily, I got my hands out of the way but my newspaper dropped on the platform. WTF?!? So the doors open and I turn and glare at the metro driver (I was on the first train.)

Now I'm at work, with the few people in my office. My coworker has brought his son in and he is sitting in our work area playing his DS. Not a big deal, one would think. Except apparently this kid likes to eat ice. And by eat ice I mean suck and slurp on it as he twirls on the stool. Awesome. Thankfully I have my iPod headphones today, but I have the broke-ass ones where only one side works. So I put that side in my left ear so has to block out as much slurping as possible. Seriously, what kind of day is today?? Luckily I'm only here for 4 hours...

Merry Christmas Eve!