Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Seattle really the place to be?

The other night I get a call from a good friend who tells me she’s engaged, getting married next year, and then moving to Seattle. Seattle, really? Is that like the place to be these days or what? I tell her that with the connections we already have out there, and now with her moving out there, then we might really go.

“Seriously?!” she asks.

“Well, no, not really. But it’s a thought,” I respond.

And it is a thought – a thought that we’ve played around with for a while. I’ve wanted to live in Seattle since 5th grade. But is it a realistic thought? Probably not. Sadly. But you never know.

We just have such a solid life here – friends, family, activities, the Hokies. The thought of leaving all this behind to move on is frankly pretty scary. On the other hand, our connections to Seattle are increasing. We have family out there already (Bruno’s sister and husband) and a few friends – good ones. So we wouldn’t be moving to a completely new life without anyone to help us.

We always have a great time when we go out west, and the thought of living there and experiencing life on the west coast is very intriguing. For one, we would have great snowboarding. The weather isn’t too horrible, maybe a bit rainy, but we definitely wouldn’t have the insane heat we have here. We would get to travel to places we haven’t experienced. I definitely think it would be a positive move.

On the other hand, we are close with our friends and family. I love my softball teams and Bruno’s bands are doing really well. We’d have to give those up. Once we have our own family, it would be tough to know our families may only spend the holidays together. However, by the time that happens my parents should be retired and have all the time in the world to come visit!

I think it’s definitely an option we consider every now and again. For now, we will be here for at least the next 3 years, since we are obligated to our condo J But I would say the door is partially open to the idea.