Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everything DOES happen for a reason

It really does. I've had instances in my life where I had felt this was true before... and now we're back around to that point. My place of employment is very fortunate to work on projects that give employees the opportunity to travel around the world. It's pretty awesome and I was elated when I was informed that I would be traveling to India for a project. The news came to me back in the beginning of December and I was "scheduled" to travel in January. Awesome - I have nothing going on in January so this would be perfect. Unfortunately, January came and went and I was not in India. The trip will happen, but we're still sorting through some business stuff before we can determine when we will head over there. But here's where the saying comes in...

Had I gone to India when I was originally slated too, I would have missed my husband's AWESOME show in Baltimore. And if I had missed my husband's AWESOME show in Baltimore, I would have missed the surprise visit from my brother-in-law. He lives in Seattle. Needless to say I was pretty gosh darn excited when I saw him and I was happy to be there. But here's the kicker. My trip to India would have included a side fun trip, after our work was done. To Egypt. I would be in Egypt right now if everything had gone according to plan. Wow. Now I know that my husband isn't the only person happy that I'm here and not there right now. Especially given the current state of violence :/

So is Egypt still on my agenda when I finally get over there? That's still TBD... Don't worry, I will make a safe and smart decision when it comes to my side travel. And if I don't make it to Egypt this time around, I still have plenty of years left to check out the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I just honestly hope all the civil unrest ends soon. I've got a friend staying over there and I'm thinking of her every day.

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