Thursday, December 16, 2010

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute

I can hardly believe Christmas is only a few days away. This holiday really crept up on us, coming out of nowhere. And honestly, this year, I just don’t feel as prepared, or in the Christmas spirit as usual. I think it has to do with the fact that Bruno and I have been so busy the past few weeks, traveling 4 of the last 6 weekends. It really takes a toll on you. We’ve been going going going and haven’t had a time to rest. Our condo is a disaster because we’ve been so busy and haven’t had the time to get things in order. We haven’t gotten our tree yet because we just haven’t had the time. I was finally able to wrap some presents last night, but I still have shopping and wrapping to do. And even though I feel like I started early, I just feel so far behind. I really think it’s the lack of our Christmas tree.

We plan on getting it on Saturday, then spending the early afternoon decorating it and making our place look a little more in the holiday spirit. But it’s sad to think that the holiday will be over a week after we get our tree… so we’ll hardly have any time to enjoy it. Sure, we’ll keep it up after Christmas and through the New Year, but the tree isn’t as pretty without nicely wrapped gifts under it. Maybe I’ll wrap some extra boxes just for the fun of it, but probably not.

I’m not trying to have a sad and gloomy post, but I’m just airing out a little. Maybe some snow later today will bring about the Christmas spirit. I miss it this year… (although the Glee Christmas helped out a little last week)

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Elisabeth said...

This is exactly how I feel this year, too.